Japanese 1

Tutor: Yoshinori Ohtsuka

Introduction to basic Japanese expressions necessary for: greetings, dining out, shopping, visiting Japan, plus cultural do's and don'ts.

Learn original Japanese pronunciation through familiar names e.g. Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, sushi, etc. Learning Japanese boosts brain function. Japanese and English do not share common sounds, so students need to learn how to consciously make new sounds. Word order is also different, almost the reverse of English. Learn eveyrday phrases and learn what not to say, too!

Yoshinori also peppers his Japanese language lessons with anecdotes and cautionary tales on how to behave, what to eat, local dialects and a myriad of cultural tips and tricks.

Please note that both Japanese courses are for mainly 'polite' spoken Japanese. Written Japanese is not taught unless specially/individually requested.

It is advisable to commence a beginner level Language class at the start of the year.

Suitable for: Beginners

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