Tutor: Daphne Davies

The card game Numero is a recommended brain fitness game. Played at whichever level of difficulty, powers of concentration, observation and calculation are stimulated. With research having shown the plasticity of the brain, a game such as Numero can produce positive improvement in function in all age groups, this being of particular value as we age.

The game is played by 2, 3 or 4 players. Participants interact and learn from each other, and the element of luck in the card deal gives each person a fair chance.

Numero was created in 1993, in Perth, by Frank Drysdale, a physical education teacher, who became a Uniting Church minister and School Chaplain. Early Alzheimer’s disease forced him to retire, but due to his work promoting Numero throughout the world and being a personal example of the benefits of regular mental stimulation, Frank received the Order of Australia medal in 1998. Royalties from the sale of Numero cards go to furthering the work of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Praise for Numero has come from International Teachers’ Organisations and from WA, SA, Victoria and NSW. Comments approve the fact that due to the range of levels at which Numero may be played; it will suit 6 year olds and up to tertiary level in a way which is met with enthusiasm and enjoyment. 

All welcome and students may start at any time during the term.

Suitable for: All skill levels

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